Katie Dano


Katie started skating when she was five years old in 1998 at the Ice Chalet in Cupertino, California and soon began competing in ISI competitions. Her first coach was Danielle Schultz. Between 1998 and 2000 she placed 1st in 11, 2nd in 1, and 3rd in 3 events. At the Reflections on Ice on April 15th,2000 she placed 1st in Freestyle, Light Entertainment, and Dramatic, as well as 1st or Best of Show in the recall event. This is when Katie got serious and decided to compete in USFSA events. In 2001 Katie changed coaches, joined the University Ice Skating Club of San Jose and started skating under the USFSA with Julie Lowndes and Charlie Tickner as her coaches and the Ice Oasis of Redwood City became her home rink.

    Career Highlights

  • 2009 Philippine National Senior Ladies Figure Skating participant (07/09)


  • 2008 Philippine National Junior Ladies Figure Skating Champion (06/08)

  • Pacific Coast Sectional Championship (US) Novice Ladies – participant (11/07)

  • 2008 Central Pacific Regional Championships (US) Novice Ladies – 4th place (10/07)

  • Young International US team to Kempen Trophy  Novice Ladies – 2nd Place  – Turnhout, Belgium (01/07)

  • 2006 U.S. Junior Championships –Intermediate Ladies – Participant (12/05

  • 2006 Central Pacific Regional Champion (US) Intermediate Ladies (10/05)

  • Young International US team to Coup Du Printemps Novice Ladies – 3rd Place Luxembourg (03/05)

  • 2005 U.S. Junior Championships – Juvenile Girls – participant (12/04)

  • 2005 Central Pacific Regional Champion (US) Juvenile Girls (10/04))